Scholarships and Funding

Possibilities of scholarships / financing.

The Program receives financial support from CAPES, CNPq and FAPEMIG. The distribution of scholarships and the follow-up of bursars will be carried out by the PPGED Coordinating Committee. The Commission, subject to availability, will grant scholarships to students, according to the criteria defined by the Program.

The Program does not undertake to grant scholarships to all students selected. The scholarships belong to the Program rather than to students. They will be provided for 12 (twelve) months, but can be extended upon justification. Scholarships will be automatically canceled upon completion of 24 months of enrollment in the Program, regardless of the date the benefit started to be received.

The scholarship grant implies full time and exclusive dedication to the Program and compulsory residency in Viçosa, except when the research is conducted in another location. Bursers are not alowed to engage in any activity unrelated to the Program, except the activity as Monitor II. In addition, students who are granted scholarships may not be employees at the Institution where the Program is being developed, either as faculty, researcher or technician.

The scholarship may be suspended or canceled by the Coordinating Committee or by the Financing Agency, for academic, disciplinary or financial reasons, and the bursar has no right to indemnification.


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