Area of Concentration: Family and Society

The concentration area aims to analyze the relationship between family and society in its historical, economic, technological, political, environmental, social and cultural aspects, aiming at the development of conceptual and methodological skills and the training of qualified researchers to work in teaching, research and extension.

Research Lines of the Program:

1) Labor, Consumption and Culture

Based on an interdisciplinary approach, it analyzes the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of laboral and consumption activities. It also investigates the utilitarian and symbolic value of the technologies and their impacts on the daily life and dynamics of the relations established in the domestic environment. It analyzes the practical knowledge of the subjects and the alternative forms of economy, such as solidarity and creative economy. It also seeks to reflect on ways of life, identity constructions, systems of social organization, forms of interaction and sociability, as well as mechanisms of integration/accessibility and exclusion/segregation of individuals and groups in rural and urban environments.

2) Families, Public Policies and Human and Social Development

It aggregates studies and research whose axis is the relation between families and public policies, aiming at the human and social development. Families are studied according to their structures, arrangements, dynamics and transformations at different stages of their life cycles. It leads research related to human and social rights, in terms of formulation, management and evaluation of public policies, social projects and programs. It also discusses the sustainability of the built environment and the forms of constitution and management of the territories, which involves governance capacity, social movements and networks, identity practices, power relations, conflicts, negotiations and forms of empowerment of individuals living in rural and urban areas.

Research Groups

The Program has 10 Research Groups consolidated and registered with CNPq:

Families, Public Policies, Human and Social Development

ERGOPLAN: Ergonomic Planning of Work

ERGOPLAN: Ergonomic Planning of Work

Clothing in Socioeconomic and Cultural Context

Human, Social Development and Daily Life

Nucleus of Disciplines on Agrarian Studies and Food Sovereignty

Family, Space and Society

Contexts of childhood, adolescence and youth and their interrelationships in family and society

Families, Polices and Gender

Gender, Labor and Consumption

GERAR – Agriculture and Rural Areas, Rural Studies Group: Agriculture and Rural Areas


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